With more students applying to American colleges than ever before, the college admissions process can feel like a faceless and frustrating game. myCollegeSTAT gives students insight into the seemingly unpredictable minds of colleges admissions officers, and can help users discover ways to rise above the competition.

What is it?

myCollegeSTAT.com is a website that makes the college search process less about averages and more about people by giving students access to user-submitted college admissions information. Our goal is to humanize the erratic admission process by showing the students behind the scores. By sharing user-submitted information including test scores, grade point averages, extracurricular activities, and personal distinctions, myCollegeSTAT allows students to compare themselves with admitted students. At the same time, users become better acquainted with the school behind the statistics so that they are able to apply to schools the fit them as students and individuals.

Why join

Compare yourself With access to myCollegeSTAT's unorthodox information on everything from GPA and SAT II's to academic awards and extracurricular distinctions, students can evaluate how they measure up to past matriculates. myCollegeSTAT also lets students get to know their competitors, fellow prospective applicants, showing their accomplishments.

Personalized Profiles

Personalized profiles add a humanistic element to the college admissions process, including information such as extracurricular activities, jobs, special circumstances, and students' views about personal achievements.


An effective means of conveniently displaying a student's scores, extracurricular activities, and achievements all in one place. A student's bragsheet can be printed and shared with guidance counselors and teachers to help them get to know the student and to aid in writing letters of recommendation.


A place for interaction between prospective and admitted students, the forum allows an ongoing and dynamic dialogue about all aspects of the college selection and admissions process. http://www.eshompil.com. The forum explores what comes after admission - majors, academic programs, and campus social life.