Browse Unorthodox Statistics with Personalized Profiles

"Why did John Doe get into that college with his low SAT score?"
With myCollegeSTAT's unique personal profiles you can now click on John Doe's personal page to discover that he is a star football player or a legacy student. Personalized profiles add a humanistic aspect to the college admission process, including information such as extracurricular activities, jobs, special circumstances, and personal views about their own achievement.

Gauge Yourself

"How do my SAT scores and grades compare to those of admitted students?"
One of the best ways to learn is by observing history. What type of student does your dream college tend to accept? By utilizing myCollegeSTAT'S unique statistics, you can compare your grades with the those of admitted students of a certain college. This means you can now view the lowest and highest GPA and SAT scores of already matriculated students and anywhere in between. You can also learn about their extracurricular activities, stellar achievements, AP exams taken during high school, and much more.

Know Your Competition

"How do my scores compare to those of other applicants?"
Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer. Well, we're not trying to generate animosity, but wouldn't you be curious about who you are competing with to get into your dream college? Our data includes the statistics of prospective students like you. View the qualifications of other applicants and compare their statistics to your own to develop a better understanding of your dream college's applicant pool.

Additional Academic Information

"What Advanced Placement courses did other applicants and admitted students take?"
Other college statistics websites do not tell you about the number of AP's taken by other students, their extracurricular activites, their internships, or their hardships. We, on the other hand, give you a very realistic and in-depth overview of college applicants. myCollegeSTAT includes a number of additional academic information such as average AP classes taken and their respective test scores, and SAT II test scores.