The Story

Why did we start

Well, why are you here? Are you unsure of what school you want to attend? What criteria prestigious colleges are looking for? What defines the perfect applicant? How to make your application standout?

We understand. We suffered too.

This is why we decided to create this website. The words "college applications" causes mixed feelings among many prospective students. For many students, including myself, it was a period of uncertainty. Throughout high school we hear different opinions about what is needed to get into a specific college. "Good grades and high SAT scores" are the most common answers we receive. The truth is, those are just numbers.

When I was applying to college in 2007, my dream school was Stanford. I called it a dream because I fell below the school's median SAT score and wasn't in the top percentile of my class. I applied anyway, even though I thought my numbers ruled me out as a candidate. When I was accepted, a thought occurred to me: not everyone who attends Stanford, or any other prestigious school, has to have a 99 average or a perfect SAT score. In fact, the student body of any particular college is extremely diverse. College admissions officers fill their classes with writers, entrepreneurs, artists, volunteers, and leaders. Every applicant has amazing talents and a story or two to tell. Thus came the birth of, a website to show the people behind the scores.

We did not make this site for students to compete about high scores. We made it to show individuals.

With a growing number of college applicants worldwide and an increase in financial aid from many schools, we predict a major theme in the upcoming years to be diversity. Whether it is economic, social, cultural, or anything else, colleges are looking to have well-rounded classes filled with interesting students who can both clash upon and share their beliefs. SAT scores and GPA's will become background music, influential, but not vital. There is no magic formula for college acceptance. The new desire for unorthodox college admissions data makes myCollegeSTAT a highly demanded and useful website in present and upcoming years. We decided to make this site free for all students because this is information we wish we had when we were applying to college.

Students, we've gone through your pain. Now we're opening up the world of college admissions to you, so take advantage of this resource. We wish you all the best.