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Wednesday, August 19th 2009 1:35pm
I'm going to be taking the SAT next June so right now I'm considering SAT tutoring. My mom has given me the choice of public tutoring (in a class setting) or private tutoring (one-on-one sessions). I'm not quite sure how to choose. Would private tutoring be more effective since it will only be me and the teacher?
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Wednesday, August 19th 2009 2:13pm
It depends on the type of environment you're good in. I am taking a public SAT prep and I personally do no like it. I would much rather have one-on-one sessions because I learn better that way.

If you don't work well in large crowds then I'd say private tutoring would be best, and vice versa.
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Wednesday, August 19th 2009 2:15pm
I think that public tutoring is more cost effective.
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Wednesday, August 19th 2009 2:17pm
Working off what Jasmine said, private tutoring gives the tutor the chance to tailor the lessons according to what you need help on, and not what all 10+ students need help on.

On the other hand, in a class setting, other students might be able to bring up points/questions that you yourself have never thought of.

It's all about how you learn best. I personally took public SAT prep and I found it fine.
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Wednesday, August 19th 2009 2:17pm
I really think it depends on how far along you are with your SAT Prep. I think it is too expensive to do private tutoring just to tell you how the exam is organized and to do practice exams. If you have a specific problem with the SAT then yes, private tutoring maybe be better. However, if you just want to be prepared I would advise just to go with public tutoring first and if you have any more problems go with private.
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